Matucana Collection – Get 7 different Echinopsis macrogona strains Seeds Samen



Matucana Collection – Get 7 different Echinopsis macrogona strains Seeds Samen

Matucana Collection – Get 7 different Macrogona strains

Buy the whole Matucana collection and get one bag for free. This collection includes 7 different strains related to Trichocereus macrogonus ( aka Peruvianus). All seeds are fresh from the current harvest and are wildly limited. I do not expect them to be available on a long term basis and I can only recommend everyone to get them while they are here and fresh. In the last 20 years I´ve rarely come across such quality seeds as these and I proudly recommend getting them.

In this pack there are 30 seeds each of the following Trichocereus strains. That makes 210 premium quality seeds that will kick start your collection to a new level.

Deutsch: Dieses Samen-Set enthält sieben verschiedene Sorten von Echinopsis macrogona und pro Sorte 30 Samen. Es handelt sich dabei um verschiedenen Formen die sonst nie erhältlich sind. Die Fotos sprechen für sich. Es handelt sich nur um wunderschöne Pflanzen und die Samen sind frisch und keimfähig.  

  1. Echinopsis macrogona – Collana Roja (Red spines. Incredibly beautiful plants)




























2. Echinopsis macrogona – Huari Quina

3. Echinopsis macrogona -Sucro

4. Echinopsis macrogona – Pomolargo

5. Echinopsis macrogona -Collana Pichu

Plus 30 seeds each of these three Trichocereus/Echinopsis strains

Echinopsis macrogona – Cieneguilas

Echinopsis macrogona – Icaro DNA Matucana


All seven packs cost 24,50 Euro + 3.50 Euro shipping costs.